An incomplete reflection on pluralism, and shedding the binaries that hold us back

Art by Leia Bryans, lettering by Hannah Browne, made for With/Out Pretend.

Illustration by Louise Reimer, for With/Out Pretend’s ‘Portraits


You asked me for my name at a time when I felt particularly invisible. This was a really difficult period in my life. I was feeling too ugly, too worthless, too single, too alone, too sad, too fat, too brown… It was hard not to smile back, as you flashed me a quick smile, and complimented my name. “That’s beautiful!” — Your smile was genuine, your eyes were bright.

On YA & Coming-of-Age

Living on the Intersection of chronic illness & fatness

A Reflection

In Between Places

An Immigrant’s Story

(Some disjointed ramblings I had today).

Ameema Saeed (She/Her)

Storyteller, Bookworm, curator of themed playlists, & tailored book recommendations. I write about books, unruly bodies, & my own lived experiences.

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